Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Autumn and Death

Yesterday morning I awoke to find all the grass and flowers, all the beauty of summer, laced in ice. The vines and trees are turning gold and red and it's clear that Autumn has arrived in Hungary. I think it is beautiful. My husband, who grew up in Hawaii, finds it ugly and unpleasant. Fall means cold. Fall means death to the plants he has slaved over all summer.
I love the seasons -- even those that bring death to the plants, because without fall and winter, how could we experience springtime in the fullness of its glory. CS Lewis wrote to Sheldon VanAuken that things must die if we are experience resurrection. This makes me ponder what needs to die in me. Dying hurts. None of us likes it. Death is a product of sin. But God brings redemption, resurrection when we let die the things in our lives that need to die in us.


luca said...

I've been thinking about this lately. Although it was not autumn that made me think. It was death in me that made me ponder upon the very same things you wrote here. I discovered again, that indeed, death is necessary in the fall and the realization that things will never be the same again made me utterly sad but then I realized that after winter there will come a NEW spring. And that made me excited:)

Julie said...

"And even when the trees have just surrendered to the harvest time;
Forfeiting their leaves in late September and sending us inside.
Still I notice you when change begins and I embrace for colder winds.
I will offer thanks for what has been and what's to come. You are autumn."
-Nicole Norderman
Love, Julie