Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tapasztalatok: A Csókalom Csirke

Mikepércs nagyon kellemes hely -- barátságos emberek, szép kértek. A csirkek is nagyon udvarias!

Amerikaban a kakas mond hogy "Cockadoodledoo!" Ez normalis, de nem nagyon szép. És amikor sok csirke van, a hang bosszantó.

Magyarorszagon a tipikus kakas mond hogy "Kukariku!" Ez nem egy gyönyörű hang. De a Mikepércsi kakas nem mint a tipikus kakas. A Mikepércsi kakas jobb van.

A Mikepércsi kakas kifinomult es udvarias! Amikor az egyszerű kakas mond hogy "Cockadoodledoo" vagy "Kukariku", A Mikepércsi kakas mond hogy "Csókalom! Csókalom!"

Nehezen hihető, tudom. De Igaz!

Nem hiszel el? Jönn a Mikepércsre es figyel!

*Sajnalom sok magyar nyelvtany hiba!
If Luca, Arpi and Andi, and all my other Hungarian friends can post in English, then I can post in Hungarian, right? (but perhaps "can" and "being capable of" are two distinctly different things in this context. Hope my Hungarian was not too painful to read!)


gyorgyi said...

aaaaaaaaaah Trudy, this is hilarious:), as i promised i came earlier just to read 'csokolom csirke' and i have to admit it exceeded all of my expectations. this is way too funny and i feel so sorry for all those people who miss this wonderfully deep writing because of language barriers. it's not an overstatement that this writing is a breakthrough and milestone.:) btw don't worry about grammar it's totally fine.

Lidia said...

Trudy, I have no idea what was going on without me last night...but this posting is hilarious!!! :) i think its cool that you write in Hungarian...keep doing it, its a good way to practice :))

luca said...

this was ah-ma-haaa-zing:D
csak igy tova'bb Trudy:-) grammatical issues will be discussed privately;-)
and i totally agree, they say "csokolom"...

karesz said...

oh man it was sooo funny :)
i like english & i like hungarian, but the best is the HUNGLISH. pls try to write a post in hunglish ..:) like "we are menjünking to the fák wécé" ;)